Sometimes, “To-Go” is the Way to Go!

Now and then, we let down our efficiency and have absolutely nothing at home to throw together for a decent dinner after a long, hard day. Not to worry! With careful, defensive ordering, a healthy, affordable meal is just minutes away at the nearest carry-out. (In spite of what others may say.) Just think it through. Every fast-food restaurant (and I have the courage to say “every”) offers a few dishes that aren’t going to cause you to have a coronary before getting home. Take the time to look over the many selections offered at local drive-thru’s, and you might be surprised at the “spa cuisine” that awaits! 

Just do a little research online ahead of time.  Most every chain restaurant provides the nutritional content of their items at the press of a button.  Plan your take-out. Remember all sauces are “on the side”. “Grilled” and “steamed” win out over “fried”.  And who the heck needs both halves of the bun?  The days of guilt over Mc-Food should be long gone. You’re in the driver’s seat – steer straight!


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