Mary Lou Hitt’s Chocolate Roll Cake

This recipe was passed to my Mom (and Mom is always with a capital!) by our dear family friend, Mary Lou Hitt, of Browntown, Virginia. Now that the recipe has been given to me, I know Mary Lou would love nothing more than sharing it with the world. This cake is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Chocolate Roll Cake

Grease 10x15x1 baking pan, line with parchment paper & grease throughly. Preheat oven to 350

Sift together:
   1/3 cup cocoa powder
   3 Tbls flour
   1/4 Teas baking powder

   4 egg yolks until fluffy and light lemon color. Stir in 1/3 cup    
   sugar, 1/2 Teas pure vanilla, mix well & add dry ingredients.

Beat until stiff and dry in separate bowl:
   4 egg whites
   1/8 teas cream of tartar
   1/3 cup sugar – adding 2 Tbls at a time

Fold egg white mix into chocolate mixture. Spread evenly over pan
and bake 25 min at 350 or until done (clean skewer).

When done, remove from oven and invert pan on a tea towel that
has been covered with a generous dusting of sifted confectioner’s
sugar & roll carefully and gently immediately. Leaving cake rolled in towel until cooled.

Whip 1 pint Heavy whipping cream w/ 3 Tbls confectioner’s sugar & 1/2 teas. vanilla.

Unroll cooled cake, leaving on towel and stuff w/whipped cream. Spreading generously and evenly over entire surface of cake. Re-roll gently.

Refrigerate for a minimum of one hour before serving.

An extra dollop of whipped cream, while not necessary, is always appreciated. Dust with more confectioner’s sugar and a little cocoa powder – letting it fall freely on the plate.

Don’t blame me (or Mary Lou) should you become addicted!



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