Pest Control

As much as we hate it, flying insects tend to find a way into our kitchens. Those delicious aromas from the stove sometimes get us into trouble! Open the door, in zooms a fly. Or a mosquito. Or a potato bug…

Here is a clean, chemical-free, humane solution. Keep a plastic cup (clearly marked – I use colored tape) in a handy place with some stiff order cards out of a magazine. When the pesky creature lands, sneak up on him. Quickly trap him in the cup, then side the card under very gently – making sure not to allow 

Cupping of pesky insect

escape, or injury. Carry outdoors and release. No muss, no fuss.

It may take a little practice, but after a while, even the fastest insect won’t be able to outsmart “the cup”!


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