Egg McSomeThin’!

Had to write this post, if for no other reason than an excuse to say, “Egg McSomethin’ “, but in all honesty, I have been making this Egg McMuffin imposter for years, and it is simply delicious. You will miss nothing except a lot of fat, cholesterol, and sodium.  On the plus side there is added fiber, protein and B-vitamins. Aside from that, I prefer the taste of the homemade version. It’s somethin’ else! Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

In defense of McDonald’s muffin,  it’s not the worst choice for a fast food breakfast by any means, but if you can do a little better for the bod, why not?

 Egg McSomeThin’

1/2 100% Whole Grain or Whole Wheat English Muffin
1 extra-large cholesterol-reduced, free-range egg
1 slice reduced-fat American Cheese slice
Healthy buttery spread (Bestlife is a good one)
99% fat-free, low-sodium deli ham, shaved (approx 45 grams) – Sara Lee offers some great choices – really delicious
Salt, pepper

*Poach egg in poacher, slightly breaking yolk, set timer for 6-7  minutes, or  doneness of your choice for poached eggs
*Toast 1/2 English muffin in toaster oven, (or full muffin if not restricting caloric intake)
*When halfway toasted, remove muffin, lightly coat with buttery spread and add cheese slice. Return to oven to complete toasting and melt cheese
*Place ham in nonstick pan with a little buttery spread. Heat to sizzle. Brown a bit. Remove. Place on cheesy muffin. Top with poached egg. Add salt and pepper.
Eat. And don’t feel a moment’s guilt!



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