Five Kitchen Tricks

Two kitchen essentials!

Problem solved!

Tops saved from discarded bottles. Invaluable!



An accident waiting to happen!
  1. Maybe it’s my age, or perhaps it’s a new aggressive type of child-proofing or “terrorist proofing”, but each time I try to open a bottle in my kitchen, it’s becoming more of a struggle.
    Keeping a pair of adjustable pliers among your utensils will definitely make life easier!
  2. When “dredging in flour” is required for baking or deep-frying, self-rising flour tends to make a far “crispier” crust.
  3. While pouring bottled dressing the other evening, half the bottle spilled out onto my salad!  Save “squirtter” tops from other containers to snap or screw onto open top bottles so you can control the amount you choose to pour. They are “gold” in my kitchen – and if one doesn’t fit – the next one will! (See photo)
  4. To thicken potato soup, potato cakes – or anything potato, keep instant mashed potatoes on hand. They do have a purpose (although not as mashed potatoes :-))!
  5. Virgin olive oil, or simply olive oil,  stands up better to high temperatures than extra-virgin when frying. Save the delicious (and expensive) extra-virgin for dressings and sauces.

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