Healthy Tips from the Kitchen

Choose a lighter cream for a step in the right direction

Very few of us use whole milk anymore, but if you do, try 2% for a month or two, then gradually step down to 1%, then 1/2% – who knows, you might end up using skim and not even notice the difference!

Just be careful when cooking – the lower the fat content, the easier milk will curdle. Save the higher fat milks for sauces and “cream” soups.

    1. Deep-fried food actually tends to absorb less fat than slowly pan-fried food. (Food for thought! 🙂 )
    2. For omelettes, use 2 whites for every 1 yolk.
    3. Next time ordering Chinese take-out,  remember these words, “Steamed, with sauce on the side, please.” You can save up to 600+ calories and still enjoy the flavor.
    4. Fast-food isn’t all bad. There are only bad choices. Review the menu options at all your local drive-thrus on the internet. Each and every one seems to offer healthy selections. Learn what they are and order wisely! (Personal suggestion: the Chipolte Chicken Wrap @ McD’s!)
    5. Never buy pre-ground beef. Select the leanest whole cuts you can find (Sirloin, Eye of Round, Top Round, etc….), have your butcher trim away any visible fat and grind to your specifications. You will know what you are getting.

      “Choose to loose…
      unless you’re at the casino!”



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