Tips Not to be Missed!

  • Kitchen shears are a must for every kitchen! When preparing meat, keep a pair handy to snip off any unwanted (and fattening!) fat and skin. Every tablespoon of visible fat trimmed away amounts to 100 less calories and helps keep cholesterol under control!
“Cut”-lery at its best!
Onion etiquette
  • Red onions tend to complement ” heartier” dishes –  those served with red wines, while white and yellow onions combine better with lighter fare; usually accompanied by white wines or Champagnes.
  • Visit you local natural food store, or check around to find where spices can be purchased loosely – by the ounce instead of the pre-prepared bottles in your grocery store. They are loaded with fresh flavor and unbelievably cheaper – plus, you are able to buy just the amount you need. The more control in the kitchen, the better!
  • Don’t throw away the juice or jars from your favorite pickles after eating the last one! Simply slice some English cucumbers extra-thin, drop them into the jar and in a day or two – more pickles!  (Try “pickling” other vegetables, too!)
  • Fresh spinach is a refreshing change from lettuce on sandwiches. It adds a unique, nutty flavor and different texture…makes things just a little more interesting.  Not to mention that extra boost of iron!                                     “Snip, snip, snip the fat!”   

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