My Kitchen Apothecary

The daily grind

Too many gadgets. From pepper mills, garlic presses, spice smashers, etc…why bother?

The mortar and pestle is the solution to all!

Keep an array in various sizes.

From crushing coriander to guacking guacamole – the “molcajete” can’t be beat!

“Crush, grind, pulverize!”


Capture the Scent

Don't let your fragrance escape!

One of the great modern inventions easing the lives of homemakers and travelers,  is the zip-lock plastic bag. Even while trying to keep my use of plastic to a minimum, I’ll have to  admit, these convenient little carry-alls  have me in their grip. (Although I try to re-use as many as possible!) Here is another reason they’re indispensible.

As we all know, dryer sheets tend to loose their Spring-like fragrance shortly after opening…but, by sealing  tightly in a zip bag, the last sheet adds just as much freshness to your laundry as the first!

“Signed, sealed, delivered…”
No.  Just “sealed”.

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