Cupcake Gone Wild!

Presently,  Cupcake is purring like a lawnmower, chewing on my pen, typing on the computer with all four paws,

DSCF0005 attempting to drink Chardonnay and stealing the keys to my basement – all the while looking adorable.

How’s that for multi-tasking?


“Cupcake” has arrived…and the World is now a better place

Four weeks ago, my visiting neighborhood cat, “Cookie” (who is the image of Melania Trump), broke into the house, jumped into bed with my Mom as she watched TV, and promptly delivered a baby kitten. One. One exquisite little creature we call “Cupcake”. Cuteness overload.

Taking a walk

Taking a walk

21 days old

21 days old


21- days old

Lounging with Mom


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