The Cat Diaries

Cupcake using a clothespin for a pillow and a Bounty paper napkin as a mattress



DSCF0001“Cookie” ran into my home one day and has refused to leave the property.

She sleeps here, eats here, and stalks me all day and all night.

“Cookie” completely controls every minute of my life…and I see no end in sight.

That’s okay with me.



“Flower Power”

In the middle of a busy town, this tiny fawn sleeps on my back lawn most every night under the constant watch of her protective father. I call her “Flower” and am completely and totally in love.

P.S. – It has been three months since the above post. Flower paid a visit a couple days ago and I noticed tiny antlers sprouting on “her” head. FYI – “Flower” is a guy.

spotted deer

“Flower” in the yard

June 2016

Flower or Betty Grable? …You decide.

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