A Love Story (Prescription for Romance!)

Shopping bag, circa 1989

Such a homage to my old love…

A few days ago, I needed an acceptable-looking shopping bag to transport a few small items to a local consignment shop. While rummaging through my drawers, I discovered an old Prescriptives Cosmetics tote that had been carefully wrapped in tissue paper and tucked safely away. Inside was a sales receipt from long ago. It evoked a flood of memories.

The sales slip showed a charge of $74.55. The purchase was made at Bullock’s department store in Westwood, California – October 7, 1989. Almost 22 years ago. One eyeshadow and two lipsticks. Preparation for an  important event.

The date that night was very special. My eyelids had to have an elegant, soft shimmer – nothing glittery –  and my lipstick,  an expensive “taste”, just in case he kissed me (sigh). Two tubes were required, should I have a last-minute desire for a deeper or lighter shade. Everything had to be perfect. Price was no object.

On this day of reflection, I think about the wonderful teenage excitement anticipating my “big date” years ago, but then have to face the reality that I was 29 years old at the time.

Now I have a better understanding of why I am still single.

“Forever I will remember the sweetness of that first kiss” 🙂

…and, yes, I still love him.



Miracle-Gro for Eyelashes!

The magic elixir

I actually bought this product. “Day & Night Lash Boosting Serum.” Formula , elixir, potion,  lotion – whatever. 2-in-1.

Am I crazy?

I’m loving it!

It’s doing nothing!

It’s tremendous fun.

That’s worth something.

That’s worth everything!

At least $10.99.

The Other Red Meat

A snack, a condiment, a meal!

I was lucky enough to have been born in the 1960’s, when “artificial”  food was hot and happening. We wanted all we could get – from Pillsbury Space Food Sticks to Carnation Instant Breakfast. A Swanson or Morton’s frozen dinner was an exciting treat – no matter how bad it tasted!  This is all but a lead-in to the product that is on my mind today – the imitation bacon chip. Actually, flavored, colored, and heavily salted soy protein pieces. They, like saccharin, are such an ingrained part of my childhood, even now, I can’t let go.

My first experience with the “bacon” bit was in the Metropolitan D.C. area with my best friend  and her parents. We were seven at the time. The restaurant was “The Joshua Tree.” Famous for pitchers of Sangria and huge baked potatoes accompanied by an array of “fixin’s” featuring tiny burgundy colored squares that you “couldn’t tell from bacon”. You could tell them from bacon. But no one seemed to care. They were cool. Cutting edge. Vegetarian.

Bac-o’s, Bacon Bits, Bac’n Pieces…I still love them all, but try to practice restraint.  Their  only drawback (aside from nutritional content) is a tendency to lose their original “crispiness” shortly after opening.

And just when you think you have a problem… Simply store a shaker of  BB’s in the freezer and they stay fresh for months. They pour beautifully and retain that addictive and delicious crunchy texture, all the while, never tasting anything like bacon. But who wants to worry over such trivial issues?

Football-sized baked potatoes (usually in foil), ice cream scoops of fluffy, yellow-colored imitation butter, dried chives, whipped sour cream, and, of course, “bacon” galore…those were the days!

“Bring on the Bits!
…Doesn’t taste like bacon, but who cares?”

Yes, You Can Eat Just One

One is Enough

Less is Best!

They like to say, “Less is more”, when actually, less is always less. Sometimes, however, less is better.

Mayonnaise Fancies

The Classic "Mayonnaise Fancy"

Growing up in the 1960’s, processed food was not avoided, but encouraged, and we took advantage of its deliciousness at every chance.  In my home, a favorite sandwich ruled, one which involved only three ingredients – the Mayonnaise Fancy. While the ingredients were few, they were three very special ingredients. The assembly of the sandwich was not to be taken casually, and the accompanying beverages were key to the success of the “Fancy”.  And, of course, presentation played a major part in the simplistic perfection of this delicacy.

The “Mayonnaise Fancy” was as basic as it gets – cheap white bread, mayonnaise, and butter. That’s it. Bread, mayo, butter. The bread had to be fresher than fresh. Preferably the store “house” brand and almost gummy in texture. First the bread was cut into a desired shape with a cookie cutter (we liked stars and hearts… sometimes horses) to “seal” the edges and add style, or fanciness. No trace of crust allowed! The cut-outs were generously buttered before being spread with a thick layer of mayonnaise. Only one brand was ever used – Hellmann’s (Best Foods on the West coast) – ample amounts required. When all was finally brought  together into a sandwich – Voila! – magic on a plate.

The Mayo Fancy was generally served with ice-cold whole milk. However at holiday time, when cut into tiny shapes, with itty-bitty cookie cutters, it was magically transformed from just a sandwich,  into an elegant hors d’oeuvre – and tasted all the  better accompanied with Brut Champagne!  But then, what doesn’t?

                                                      “Viva la Fancy!”

The Best of the Block

Fluff… a visiting neighbor and friend from many years ago. A dear soul greatly missed.


Fluff, Royal Avenue’s Favorite

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