“Dumpster Diving” Pays

One man's trash...

While taking my recycling to the local garbage site, my eye was caught by a shiny, metallic wall sconce sticking up from the center of one of the dumpsters. It was a big , tall dumpster –  about eight feet high.  But there were vents on the side which made for great steps.

Up I go. Stretching and straining, trying to grab my treasure, but it was out of reach – and then it happened. I toppled in. True dumpster diving! Fun.

When the vintage lighting fixture was fished out,  much to my surprise, it worked beautifully and came equipped with period orange-red lightbulbs that lit up brightly.

This item sold at the flea market last Sunday for $5.00 to an antique dealer. Wouldn’t you jump in a dumpster for five dollars? If no one’s looking?


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