Heaven awaits…

Plant #12

Everyday is exciting when tomatoes are in my garden. From the moment they enter the soil, until the tragic last day of the season when the final vine is pulled from the ground, life is good. The staking. The tying. Such fun.

I stare at my tomato plants all throughout the day. I worry about them while at work – discussing them incessantly with my co-workers trying to get tips. (Strangely, they seem to share in my obsession…) I lay on the straw mulch beneath them searching for an undiscovered blight or blemish. Sometimes a flashlight is used. On Sundays they are fertilized after  sundown. Suckers removed daily. Weeds obliterated.

The tomatoes are photographed, with each picture dated to chart their progress. The plants are numbered. Number four is presently the weakest and I plan on doing something about that, but can’t figure out what.

I will share their beauty with all who care to look. And everyone should care to look. They are spectacular!

Love me, love my tomatoes.

“Good things come to those who wait.” 


Your Kitchen is an “Oasis”

Never underestimate the power of steam released from your cooking. This African violet is thriving after being placed close to my stove top, but away from the heat.  It was a “plant rescue” (actually found in someone’s garbage!) and now is blooming monthly from a little “kitchen care”.

The humidity provided by steamed dishes, pastas, and soups can result in

Super-healthy African Violet

some gorgeous, healthy plants – as well as a glowing complexion!

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